Rent Paid On Time Every Time

We pay your landlord & you pay us back on your own schedule

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Your Rent,
Your Terms

You shouldn't stress about whether or not you can pay rent this month.

Paypadz is a creative solution designed to help renters pay their rent each and every month. Today, you waste nearly an entire paycheck on just rent alone. Which leaves you vulnerable to other expenses and with little to no money for the rest of the month. We are a community of renters who understand each other's circumstances and we're helping one another one month at a time.

Paypadz, is Rent Protection For All.


Life Happens

How It Works

Become a member for $24.99 a month and get Rent Protection!

If something happens (emergency, roommate flake, unexpected bill, etc) and you can't make your rent submit a rent request and Paypadz will help pay your rent up to $2500 and allow you to repay over time!

Paypadz Membership is month to month and you can cancel at anytime!

Each new member is subject to a 30 day verification period.

Sign up & Become a member

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No Credit Checks Required

Simply have a source of income & connect your bank.

We pay your landlord directly and update you every step of the way.

Pick the repayment dates that work best for you.

Connect your bank and verify income

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Sit back & relax 

Relax knowing Paypadz has your back!

If you need help one month with rent, simply submit a rent request. 

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Does Paypadz check credit?

Paypadz does not check credit! 

Do I have to repay the rent request?

Yes, however you can split that up to 4 repayments!

Does Paypadz charge interest?

Paypadz does not charge interest, we are a membership based platform.

Does my landlord have to agree?

We work with you the renter directly, however we would love to partner with your landlord to make payment easier!

How fast can I use the service?

Paypadz has a 30 day wait policy to help verify your information such as income and prevent fraudulent activity. 

What's required of me?

*An active membership, a connected bank account, direct deposit or form of income, and landlord information.


*See our full T&C  for details.